• Development of electronic circuits for automotive, industrial, and residential applications, including conceptualization, project planning, and implementation.
  • Sizing, selection, and dimensioning of components.
  • Creation of circuit diagrams, parts lists, and layouts for the circuits.
  • Development of test procedures and test systems for manufacturing, as well as formulation of test specifications for qualifying new assemblies and components.
  • Conducting EMC optimization and investigations in external laboratories as part of the development process.
  • Preparation of documentation, including qualification, material management, and manufacturing documentation.
  • Support during commissioning, hardware verification, optimization, and troubleshooting at the customer site.


  • Customization of bootloader (U-Boot) for specific requirements.
  • Creation and customization of Linux drivers for ARM architectures.
  • Performing updates of U-Boot and Linux versions.
  • Creating Yocto layers for customizing Linux distributions.
  • Prototyping, troubleshooting, and debugging.
  • Developing STM32 firmware for microcontrollers.
  • Creating HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) libraries for specific hardware platforms.
  • Developing Qt applications for user interfaces.